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HerääPahvi! -project combines the competence of creative industries with bioeconomy and circular economy and their latest inventions. This will make it more possible to offer opportunities of growth in forest biofield, farming and greenhouse gardening as well in creative industries as clientele and work opportunities increase. The aim of the project is to develop cutting edge and competitive expertise for the development and commercialisation of food packaging that is using the side streams of industry. Forest industry and food industry both create a number of side products that at the moment are used either as energy or are composted. They contain a number of bioactive compounds as well as fibres that could be utilised in, for example, packaging paper or paperboard. In the project, new packaging concepts with functional qualities will be developed. They could contain antioxidant and antibacterial properties to keep foodstuff from perishing quickly.

The central idea of the project is that by integrating design, media, branding and storytelling into all stages of the product and service development of packaging materials the possibilities of commercialisation will increase and new competence will be developed for all concerned. The project will widen and deepen the interaction and cooperation between creative industries and the forest bio sector. The experts in creative industries will learn to identify the possibilities of the technical innovations in biofields. The technical experts, on the other hand, will learn to appreciate the importance of design and marketing. This will benefit both parties. 

As a result of the project, a new ecosystem of forest bio industry, design and media will be created. This will immediately increase the possibility of profitable business for all. The different parties will learn the value of packaging that uses the side streams of industry in creating brands. A short term effect will also be the increasing awareness of produces and consumers concerning products that utilise the side streams. This will enable the increase of the number of solutions that are in line with sustainable development. 


The long term effects of the project will be the increased use of renewable resources and side streams. The requirement for this is the creation of industrial ecosystems where raw materials are directed to the most efficient use possible rather than immediate end use like bioenergy. The project aims to show the benefits of this as well as the increase in market value, the challenges of packaging in future as well as the expectations of consumers. Particularly plant biomass is seen as having great potential. The conversion of side streams into more valuable end products will bring work and income to every part of the chain. The tracing of the side stream is seen as a significant competitive.


1. Creating a functional national ecosystem of the forest bioeconomy and creative field, especially media.
2. Enhancing the know-how in packaging and circular economy in the creative field, and allowing the creative field to perceive the business potential in the innovations of bioeconomy.
3. Commercialisation and advancing of new packaging products that utilise side streams with the help of the creative field.
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